A Swiss family-run business


A success story going back more than 45 years

This successful company was founded in 1971 in a small garage in Burgdorf. After participating in a variety of foot-care exhibitions, the retail company was converted after five years into the AG it is today. In 1979, the company purchased its premises at Lyssachstrasse 83 in Burgdorf. This location remains the base for the steady growth of this family-run business, which is now managed in its second generation, following Bernhard S. Keller’s entry into the company in 1992 and his appointment as CEO in 2003.

New directions and a pioneering spirit

Simon Keller AG exports products to more than 150 countries worldwide and offers a range of exclusive, premium brands within Switzerland. This family-run company’s unique range includes products for foot-care, beauty, medical, hair and wellness & spa. In addition to the locations in Burgdorf, Basel and Zurich-Stettbach, since the founding of the Swiss Wellness Academy (SWA), professional customers have been offered a comprehensive training and development programme. With the integration of the Maria Schweizer School of Cosmetics, the SWA has established itself as Switzerland’s leading training and development provider.

SatisFeet – the latest product highlights from Simon Keller AG

With SatisFeet, the company focuses on long-standing tradition and the core business of its first few years. With the launch of SatisFeet Basic and SatisFeet Wound, the company has created a suite of bespoke foot-care solutions, aimed at enhancing the well-being of its customers.